The Right Realtor

When looking for the right realtor you want someone who knows the real estate market and can provide a local perspective on the current housing inventory and pricing. At Steps Real Estate are agents will provide you with a strong thorough “needs-analysis” to ensure we can deliver the perfect home for you. Our agents will provide you with a clear understanding of the buying process and guide you every step of the way.

Factors That Affecting the Sale of Your Home

There are important factors influencing the sale of your home. In a consultation, your agent will explain how these elements affect the sale of your home in detail. Factors that effect the results of your sale are urgency to sell, price, location, condition of the property, size of the home, architectural style, accessibility to lif.

Accept an Offer

Once your home is priced and presented competitively, your STEPS real estate professional will guide you when an offer is made. In negotiations, along with discussing the price offered, you will consider other terms such as closing date, financing options, items included in the sale and timelines. Through this process, your Steps real estate agent will thoroughly explain each of the points in a negotiation. Once you accept the offer, your real estate agent will continue to guide you through any additional contingencies, negotiations and/or details.

Your Home has SOLD!

Once you and the buyer have agreed on resolution to any inspection findings, your role then is to prepare for closing. It is important during this final stage to stay in close communication with your Steps agent to ensure last minute requests or adjustments are dealt with expediently. Also, the details of closing involve attention to scheduling. The last step is to setup a time to sign loan documents and help you coordinate the date and time of possession.




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